About Maruti Suzuki

Company at a Glance

If you have travelled in India, taken a route to anywhere around this great nation, chances are you’ve driven with us. For over three decades now, Maruti Suzuki cars have been going places.

We started out in 1982 in Gurgaon, Haryana. Little did the then quiet suburb of New Delhi know, that it was going to become the epicenter of the automobile revolution in India. The year marked the birth of the Maruti Suzuki factory. India turned out 40,000 cars every year. The new Maruti Suzuki 800 hit the streets to begin a whole new chapter in the Indian automobile industry.
We set out with an obsession for customer delight, one that was unheard in the corridors of automobile manufacturers then. It was about a commitment to create value through innovation, quality, creativity, partnerships, openness and learning. It created a road that was going to lead the world in to a whole new direction, laid out by Maruti Suzuki.
Today, Maruti Suzuki alone makes 1.5 million Maruti Suzuki family cars every year. That’s one car every 12 seconds. We drove up head and shoulders above every major global auto company. Yet our story was not just about making a mark. It was about revolutionary cars that delivered great performance, efficiency and environment friendliness with low cost of ownership. That’s what we call true value. We built our story with a belief in small cars for a big future. Our story encouraged millions of Indians to make driving a way of life. India stepped up with our vision to take on the fast lane. A comradeship had begun. Something incredible had begun.
So, what drives us? Millions of Indians who’ve put their faith in us. A team of over 12500 dedicated and passionate professionals that turned out 14 cars with over 150 variants. The drive is backed up by a nationwide service network spanning over 1454 cities and towns and a sales network that spreads across 1097 cities, 2 state of the art factories. A diesel engine plant with a capacity upped to turn out 7 lakh diesel cars a year. And a commitment to road safety to make Indian roads safer.
Finally, our inspiration comes from one place – India’s hopes, dreams and aspirations. The Maruti Suzuki journey has been nothing less than spectacular. But to be honest, we’ve only just begun.